Saturday, 9 January 2016

One Little Word: 2016

Much of 2015 was spent going with flow... trusting my instincts... and I think I did myself proud in that sense. For the first time I am feeling comfortable in my own skin. There were a lot of big changes in my life last year: I had my second baby - a girl - at the start of the year. We moved to a new city in the summer. My boy started school. And the Fickle Craftroom was born.

So not only did I have to adapt to life with a newborn, and as a mum of two, I had to say goodbye to a community and a neighbourhood that I knew, and was comfortable in. I had to find my way around somewhere I had visited only once or twice, AND make friends there, carving out a new routine and a new lifestyle with two littles in tow.

I wanted to continue with my passion: my first business Stitches & Lace, but knew I couldn't do it alone with such a small baby - so I sought and accepted help, in the form of the wonderful Sigourney! There was a bit of a dip in my income, but she came into my life for a reason, and I could never have kept Stitches alive and kicking without her. She has been worth every penny. But I wanted to diversify (my fickle nature to blame!), and so here we are! I'm following my dream in looking after my family full time AND making pretty things for a living.

I'm also doing things differently with my daughter, from the way I looked after my son as a baby... and I'm a million times happier. I'm following my instincts and not trying to do everything 'by the book', or as I perceive others expect. I used to be so anxious as to what other people thought of me! Breastfeeding successfully has been a big part of that, and increased my confidence no end. Attachment parenting, where I respond sympathetically and immediately to her needs, keeping her close to me (I cuddle my baby all night long, making no apology for that).

Now I'm in a better emotional place than I have ever been before, and have spent this past year laying strong foundations for myself and my family - I am going to embrace life. I will consider every opportunity thrown my way, and will throw myself headfirst into the new social life I have begin to create. I will slow down enough to enjoy my daughter's toddlerhood, and will continue striving to strengthen my bond with my son before he gets too grown up!

A very personal post, but one that I think encapsulates my hopes and my goals for 2016. Embrace.

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