Saturday, 9 January 2016

Very First Fickle Blog Post

Well hi!

My name is Liz, and I am the founder of Fickle Craftroom - a space for craftspeople to come together and sell the pieces they have made. The vision was for it to become a kind of small community for us all to support and encourage one another; for newbies to get started selling, where they may not have had the confidence to set out on their own; and most importantly for me - to not feel tied down to one particular medium or craft!

I go through crazes of various crafts, from crochet, to embroidery, to calligraphy, to silverwork, furniture restoration........ and I become totally obsessed by it, needing to hone and perfect the skill. And I know that I am definitely not alone in this! I have family and friends that are the same way, and this has put them off ever taking the plunge to make their hobby a business. They know they may not be able to commit to maintaining their passion for just one discipline, and so give up before they have even begun.

So this blog is one of the first steps towards creating that community! There'll be tutorials, 'Meet The Maker' interviews, diy inspiration, organisational tips, plus on occasion pieces on the inner workings of my mind (oh, you lucky lucky people!) on topics close to my heart, such as 'Does the Work/Life Balance Really Exist?', 'Is The Grass Really Greener? Working Mother Versus Stay-at-home-Mum', 'How to Stay Inspired/Motivated'...

And I'd LOVE for you to join in too! Please get in touch if:
  • you fancy having a go at selling some of your work through the Fickle Craftroom
  • you would like to write a guest post
  • there is something specific you would like to see here on the blog
  • you are interested in collaborating on a project
  • you too are a Fickle Crafter and want to make friends and drink wine and eat chocolate and crochet together :-)
I'm very excited to get started! Much love,

Liz x


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