Monday, 1 February 2016

Why are men so hard to buy for?

It's not just me, is it??!

I have always struggled with the men in my life - I've lost count of the number of birthdays my poor Pop's been given socks and batteries! And I remember absolutely agonizing over what to buy my very first boyfriend for Christmas... luckily he dumped me a couple of weeks beforehand, but I'm positive he would have adored the troll doll and Lynx Africa set I so lovingly chose for him.

Sadly, things haven't improved much over the years (apart from during the years I spent working in a hedge fund and enjoyed having a bit of disposable income). In fact it's been an ongoing joke between my husband and I that he receives the worst gifts EVER, whilst I totally luck out with my pressies.

On our first anniversary; paper, I gave him a box full of mementoes, such as ticket stubs from early dates, a packet of toothpicks (!) swiped from the restaurant where he proposed... I thought that was an amazing gift!! Apparently not, if you're a man. He gave me a spa voucher.
my left hand is secretly stuffing Gaucho toothpicks into my clutch bag
For the next anniversary (cotton), I had him a t-shirt printed with the words 'my wife is awesome'. Which only gets worn when we go to see my parents.

For our third anniversary - leather - I gave him a coin pouch. Now this was a really thoughtful one, as his had broken some weeks early, and he'd been moaning about it ever since. However, because I'd left it too late, I had to cross my fingers and buy something cheap and cr*ppy from eBay. And he gave me this absolutely beautiful Olivia Burton watch with a leather strap that I'd been secretly lusting after for ages.

I think my problem is that the men in my life have always either (a) simply been out and bought whatever it is that they want, or (b) liked things that were so specialized and/or techy that I glaze over and therefore couldn't be trusted to go out and get the right thing. Actually there's (c) as well - just too damn expensive!!

Websites 'for him', such as Firebox, do tend to get me all excited that I've found the most perfect gift EVER - 'but darling, how did you ever survive without a cardboard smartphone projector that also pours your JD and coke??! Never cheap, and inevitably binned after a few months when we get sick of the extra dusting.

This Valentine's Day, I have made him a simple token of my love for him, which he can keep in his wallet. Hopefully it will make him think of me and smile every now and then. And let's face it, that's all we want, right?
Valentines wallet card
You can buy yours here. Alternatively, I think there may be a few troll dolls still lurking around on eBay...


  1. I can totally relate to this! My gift ideas are just like yours and received by my husband in much the same way. SO frustrating isn't it? I love that token idea, hope he loved it too xx

    1. Arrrgh they are a nightmare! In contrast though, I LOVE buying gifts for my female friends and family. Thank you for reading and commenting! Xx