Saturday, 5 March 2016

My Tattoos - the good, the bad, and the ugly

My first foray into the world of body art was a teeny tiny depiction of a forget-me-not on my right shoulder blade. I got it when I was 17, shortly before I went to uni - you can probably guess why, but out of respect to my husband, I won't divulge all the details here.

The pictures speak for themselves I think. Not so much the delicate little flower it's meant to depict - more of a cross between a spider and a pineapple...


It was another 15 years before I ventured back into the parlour for more ink. But this time around it was more considered, more meaningful, and certainly (to my eyes) more aesthetically pleasing!

The background: every time I reach a pivotal point in my life, or am struggling with something and losing perspective - a white feather will often appear, usually in the last place I'd expect the find one. For example, when we came home from the hospital with our very first one-day-old baby son, there was a tiny one poking out from underneath our doormat. Same thing happened upon arriving home a couple of months later with a diamond ring and a brand-spanking-new fiance. I also spotted a white feather trapped down the side of the glass on the tube, on my very last journey home from working at my old hedge fund (I quit in order to work on Stitches & Lace full time). These are just a couple of the times, but the thought that I'm being watched over / guided / protected brings me comfort and confidence.
On my wrist I now proudly sport a hand-drawn grey and white feather. I often forget it's there, but when I catch a glimpse of it I smile. I like my permanent reminder that I'm doing ok. That I'm on the right path.

Feather tattoo

I'd love to know what body art you have, and why?



  1. I love knowing the meaning behind tattoos.
    I have a quote which wraps around my wrist. I love it because it is in quite a prominent place but most of the time it goes unnoticed as people tend to just think it is a bracelet. The quote is "Chaos in your soul gives birth to a dancing star" which is a shortened version of a Frederick Nietzsche quote.
    To me the quote represents that out of a little madness/chaos/quirkiness comes good things. It reminds me to be passionate and be myself at all times. We all have something that makes us special, we just have to remember to embrace it!

    1. Me too - it's so personal isn't it? I love your quote, it's spot on, and a little quirkiness is definitely super special! Thank you for reading my blog xXx