Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Happy National Stationery Week!

Oh dearie me but I love stationery. I LIVE for stationery! I am known by family and friends as the Queen of Lists. I have drawers and drawers of notebooks. Pens. Washi tape. Notecards.

Fickle Me Blog: List Notebooks
1. Pygmy Cloud 2. Got2Jot 3. The Green Gables
Even growing up, I remember my greatest ever Christmas: it was the Year of Stationery. This wonderful Noah's Ark 12-in-1 set, where the anchor was a pair of scissors, the wheel was a roll of sellotape. A giraffe was a ruler. It was fantastic. The other amazing present was a box from the big office supplies shop from the eighties whose name I forget. It was chock full of tiny notepads, tins (the dream), teeny tiny rubbers, and a full size sellotape dispenser which we still have...

Fickle Me Blog: 'Vintage' Noah's Ark Stationery Set
The only picture available from Google: from the VINTAGE section of Etsy *cries* (shop: PopesWithPaint)
When I was a cool twenty-something living in London, I would spend my weekends moseying through Covent Garden, or one of the many indie markets. I would buy trinkets, snacks, make-up, jewellery, but always, ALWAYS stationery. I loved Urban Outfitters, Paperchase (especially the 3-storey flagship on Tottenham Court Road), and Artbox - Artbox in particular was amazing because it housed myriad Japanese bits for like a quid.

Nowadays I'm very conscious of supporting small, UK-based businesses, and there are SO many creative people out there!

Here are a few of my faves (prepare yourself!):

Fickle Me Blog Favourite Stationery
Credits from left to right...
2ND ROW: PeleMeleClaireabelle Makes (more funky motivational pencils at ThriftBoxUK, come to think of it!), Serendipity VitaPencil Me In

Now this doesn't even cover the half of it, but I thought for my first stationery post I would keep it to the 'classics' - by which I principally mean pens and paper. However, look out for future posts on card-giving (both buying from small independent designers and making your own), gift-wrapping, as well as other stationery bits and pieces!

I hope you enjoyed looking at this post as much as I enjoyed researching it!


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  1. I HAD THAT SET!!!!!! I knew we were friends for a reason....but omg. Note books. Pens. Paperclips in the shape of something else! It's all wonderful stuff! X