Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Mini Crafter: LEGO PARTY #1: DIY Lego Bunting

My little man has been obsessed by Lego before he could even say the word. So for his 4th birthday, we had... a Lego party!

He wanted to be involved with every little detail, and I was keen to have my mini crafter on board - it's not often he wants to join in with his nerdy mum! And as everyone knows, the most important thing about planning a party are the details - we wanted the Lego theme to permeate throughout; decor, food, entertainments, the lot.

We started with the bunting...

Lego party DIY bunting

- A5 sheets of craft foam in bright colours (or cut A4 in half). We used red, green, yellow & blue. You will need 10 pieces of A5 per 1m of bunting, including the extra needed for the circles.
- Scissors
- PVA glue
- String
- Hole punch

1. Put aside 6 pieces of A5 foam per metre of bunting. These will form the basis of your lego pieces.

2. Cut out a LOT of 4cm diameter circles from your surplus foam.

3. Let your kiddo go wild with the PVA glue! I demonstrated how to stick 6 circles to each 'brick', and let Mr B do the rest. It's not important how in-line they are; crafting with kids is not meant to be perfect, so try and let that inner perfectionist step back!

Lego party DIY bunting

4. When the bricks are dry, punch a hole in each top corner, and lay them out in a design that pleases the eye. Mr B was very hands-on at this bit and I had to bite my tongue and restrain myself when he chose not to alternate the colours in sequence!! As a self-confessed control freak this was haaaaard.

Lego party DIY bunting

5. Encourage your kidlet to 'sew' the string through the holes in the corners.

Lego party DIY bunting

6. Tie loops at each and and ta-dahhh! You're done! Easy peasy and looks fab.

Skills practised: counting, colour recognition, sequences, fine motor

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