Sunday, 10 April 2016

Mini Crafter: LEGO PARTY #2

So we read about my little man's DIY lego bunting here last week. Bless him, he loved it. Bunting wasn't the only homemade touch though - we created all of the decorations and games ourselves.

Lego party games decorations

B made some fab Lego and Duplo models and we displayed them in our glass cabinet, along with our Pass the Parcel prize (a lego storage box wrapped in yellow paper, with a lego man's face drawn on it in Sharpie - of course).

We used a large base plate with a number 4 fashioned from Duplo blocks for a birthday plaque, and used bulldog clips and string to hang it from underneath our bunting.

Cutlery was stored in a pot made from yet more Duplo, and the tableware was very plain - and cheap - just paper plates, cups and bowls in our primary colour scheme from eBay. We did draw Lego man faces on our square yellow paper plates for an extra quirky touch though, with my beloved Sharpie!

Onto the games!

Lego party games decorations
  • Lego & Spoon Race. Hilarious! Balancing pieces of Lego on plastic spoons as we raced up and down our living room.
  • Stick the Head on the Lego Man. B spent another happy hour or so painting a Lego man onto a huuuuge piece of paper, which we used as a spin-off to the classic 'tail on a donkey' game. 
  • Lego Memory Game. We laid out 10 or so Lego/Duplo parts, for eg a motorbike, window, elephant, and gave the player 30 seconds to try and memorise them all. Tell them to close their eyes and then take one piece away - they then have to try and guess what's missing.
  • Find the Lego Man. I found an amazing template via Pinterest for a Lego man paper chain (Kirigami, if you will), and then just cut it up into loads of little men. We hid them all over the house to be hunted down by excited partygoers.
  • The Build-a-Car game we didn't actually play, as B received lots of Lego sets as presents. However, I'd pre-prepared a few sets of random pieces, including wheels (obvs), some generic bricks, and then some wacky parts, just for fun. The idea was that everyone would be challenged to build the best vehicle they could within  the allotted the time, and then we'd race them.
One final thing to say: THE JELLY DID NOT WORK!!! I bought special moulds, but nope. I was much more disappointed than the birthday boy was though! Thank goodness for cake baker extraordinaire Nicola, who has been in charge of birthday cakes every. single. year. This years was constructed from multi-coloured bricks made from sponge, and had Lego construction men on the top (not that we managed to get a good photo - impatient little fingers seem to appear on every picture I have?!) 

Fun times :-)

Lego birthday party cake

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  1. Oh my goodness. I love how excited B was to get involved with the planning. And with cake like that, next time you throw a lego party - I want an invite!