Thursday, 5 May 2016

A Tour of the (Current) Craftroom

Hello you nosy parkers! Don't you just love a tour of somebody else's house? I know I do. And my favourite part is getting to see how they organise all their belongings. So I am throwing the doors - and drawers - of the Fickle Craftroom, wide for all to see!

Currently, I work at home...... where I can keep an eye on my kids, make my coffee the way I like it, and ignore the laundry pile. This, however, does mean I get little hands 'helping' rather a lot, so I need adequate storage to keep all my bits and pieces hidden away when not in use!

Here's our dining room, with my beloved mid-century modern walnut table and Eames-esque chairs...

The alcove is home to our 5 year-old's desk, which makes him feel very important! The chests of drawers are cheapie Ikea Rasts, with a lick of paint. I was originally going to paint all of the outer casings with this blue, but Mr C rather surprisingly said he liked the effect of alternating the units (he's usually quite conservative in his design choices)! The knobs are a mixture of gold, turquoise and grey.

The majority of my stationery is kept in the drawers, as well as my packaging supplies for Stitches & Lace and Fickle Craftroom.

1. general odds and ends: stapler, stamps, stickers, rulers
2. ugh. receipts ready to be sorted for tax return time!
3. felt flowers, my bead box, pretty papers, Diana camera, embroidery hoops
4. A4 notepads, scrapbooks, magazine cuttings
5. small notepads, notecards, address book
6. envelopes, tags, mailing boxes
7. business cards, stickers, gift papers & bags
8. beads, pom-poms, lollipop sticks and other kiddie craft paraphernalia
9. diamante tool, metal stamping blanks, jewellery findings, washi tape and duck tape
10. crayons, chalks, paints and sponge shapes
11. Fickle Craftroom packaging - boxes & bags
12. collage materials and stickers
The dining room flows through to the living room, which is decorated in the same colours; mocha/oyster/grey and turquoise.

However... did you note my cunning use of the word 'CURRENT' in the title???? Well. This little beauty is soon to be mine!

I have just started a new Pinterest board with She-Shed inspiration, and I have no doubt this will grow daily!

What would your dream She-Shed include?

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  1. Oh my. I am so jealous of your she-shed. It's going to be the coolest workshop ever!