Sunday, 29 May 2016

May Madness

Sorry! I am painfully aware that Fickle Me has been quiet late lately, but F.I.C.K.L.E. M.E..... have we been busy!
I need to keep numbering in my brain all the things I have got going on, so I don't miss anything! So here's what we've been up to:

Photo credit: Mariam El Mofty
  • Meeting up with Denise from Three Wise Monkeys Emporium, regarding a selling space for us within their gorgeous premises. I cannot wait to don my wellies and get involved with the whole doing-up of the place, as the premises are absolutely gorgeous. More on this soon.
  • I had a meeting at a lovely gift shop in St Albans this week, about stocking a couple of my jewellery ranges with them. I don't know yet how this will progress, but the ball is in my court, with designing a co-ordinated collection asap in summery colours.
  • Converse recently got in touch with me, via an East London- based experiential marketing company. They were interested in ordering 30-40 pairs of bespoke, hand-embroidered shoes to be given out to selected celebs at Glastonbury!
  • I've been hearing about Blogtacular for some time now, but my friend OhGoshEm recently tweeted me about their indie designer/maker marketplace. Since then I've signed up for a stand, so need to get some stock together, stationery printed, and some stall designs decided upon!
  • I'm part of an 8k strong Facebook group of local mums... I occasionally post or comment, but rarely share my work on there... my friends often urge me to, but I feel funny about it. Not only is it the self-promotional 'selling' aspect of it, but also the fact that I'm actually putting myself 'out there' as me, rather than my brand (if that makes any sort of sense!) that I find a bit scary. Anyway. I bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago, and posted a couple of photos of my baby-friendly crochet jewellery on there, and what happened? They bit my hands off!! I sold a LOT of necklaces within a single evening, and repeat orders are still trickling in... there's a lot to be said for supporting local businesses, and these ladies are kicking ass! 
  • One of the aforementioned local mums turned out to be a wonderful photographer, as she liked her necklace so much that she's not only made multiple repeat purchases, but also offered to do some of my product photography! So watch this space for some new and beautiful images...
  • Another of the local mums came up with the idea of hosting a jewellery party at her home! She's invited a group of friends over to come and meet me and have a look at my designs - I'm so grateful to her and can't wait! 
  • I also need to complete a bespoke commission for some black and gold- themed jewellery to be worn at a posh wedding!
Fickle Craftroom black and gold jewellery commission

So excuse me - I promise I'll be back soon! Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my progress on all of the above xxx

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  1. Love love love that black and gold stuff and you know I don't 'do' gold!
    I cant believe how much youve got going on. It so exciting. I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to see where you take all these opportunities! X