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I totally realise that encouraging our children to make their own greetings cards is nothing new - and I swear I'm not writing this to try and teach my grandmother to suck eggs, as it were! But I wanted to write this post to share some thoughts and some tips with you all.

7 top tips for making greetings cards with kids!
Keep it simple!

  • Don't make it too complicated by offering too much choice. Children are easily overwhelmed, and what might look like a large and exciting array of materials to us, may put them off entirely. Some card and foam shapes (or old birthday cards to cut out), some pens and some sticky dots in various colours can be enough sometimes.
  • In a similar vein to the above - and especially if your child is anything like my impatient boy - make sure there aren't too many steps. Two or three is perfect, eg potato-printing, sequin-sprinkling, and writing a simple message. Otherwise they just lose interest.
  • Personally I prefer not to use picture or character stickers, as this can take away some of the creativity and imagination that plainer or more open-ended materials can offer.
  • If there are lots of little pieces, or glitter *shudder*, I highly recommend using a large tray - we have a huge Ikea one that is perfect
  • If you're a perfectionist parent, then only actually offer materials in your chosen colour or theme - otherwise your stress levels will not cope when your little darling chooses, say, snowflake stickers for a summer birthday, or a 'daring' combination of orange/pink/green...!
  • Follow your child's lead. If they're happy to get on with it by themselves then don't hover (although obviously take the necessary precautions and supervise if there are scissors involved). Alternatively, this can be a lovely bonding activity and your child may love to have you sit with them and make your own card. 
  • Have fun! 

7 top tips for making greetings cards with kids!
Quick fun crafting = one happy boy
7 top tips for making greetings cards with kids!
Hapee birth day

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