Sunday, 23 October 2016

7 ways to deal with Crafters' Block

7 ways of dealing with Crafters' Block: Fickle Me blog

Do you freeze when beginning a large project? Do you have spells of just feeling generally uninspired and unmotivated? Us too! Try our 7 ways of digging yourself out of the hole and rediscovering your creative vibe…


1. Just make a start. Whilst this may sound like an obvious and too-simple suggestion, making just the smallest of starts will instantly make your project seem less daunting and more easily achievable. I overcame my bullet journaling fear of imperfection by writing just one word on the second page: ‘Index’. As soon as my beloved journal was no longer virgin and pristine I could let go and begin. In fact once I’d broken that seal, I was raring to go, and you couldn’t have kept me away if you’d tried!

7 ways to deal with crafters' block: Fickle Me Blog
My beloved BuJo
2. Break it down. When I had a recent wholesale order of crochet baskets, all I could do for a while was stare at my yarn… In my head though, I broke it down into smaller sections; x amount of red baskets, x amount of blue ones, and so on. Each part was then immediately achievable, and I got through the order relatively quickly.

3. Visualise coming to the end. Really concentrate, and do this as clearly as your possibly can –where will you be sitting? How will you feel? What will you do to celebrate? Think about how silly you’ll feel that you felt overwhelmed at the beginning! I also do this with car journeys actually! It honestly does make the trickier bits whizz by and seem irrelevant.


4. Embrace social media. When I’m having a confidence wobble, or am just in a general bit of a sulk with crafting, quite often the last thing I feel like doing is going on Pinterest or Instagram, and seeing how creative other people have been! Then I remind myself to grow up. When I relax, and just have a little browse for the sake of it - rather than putting any sort of pressure on myself – I often feel the tension melt away and I start enjoying myself again. Appreciating and celebrating other people’s work is a wonderful thing! 

7 ways to deal with crafters' block: Fickle Me Blog

5. Try something different. When you remove the pressure to be great at something straight away, it’s easier to go with the flow and enjoy yourself. You never know, you may even stumble across a brand new hobby!

6. Make lists. A bucket list, a shopping list, a to-do list for the following week… getting your ideas onto paper not only clears your mind, but it helps you focus on what’s important to you. Ideas will flow, and you will gradually feel inspired and excited to start ticking things off. (Note: a brand new notebook is obviously a must!)

7. Go outside. I’m not one for the gym, but just getting outdoors energises and restores me – especially if there’s some gorgeous Autumn sunshine and piles of leaves to crunch through! Get your boots and bobble hat on, and go blow away some of the cobwebs!

How do you get inspired after a creative slump? I’d love to hear your tips! xx

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  1. Changing it up, doing something different works for me. Something totally random to give myself a break from the project I can't start or figure out.
    Or randomly, being on car journeys where I can't do anything crafty, (especially the ones to manchester where I've not even got pinterest Internet signal) get my brain working again too!