Saturday, 29 October 2016

Enamel pins... what's the big deal?

Confession: I didn't know collecting pins was even a 'thing' until I got a message from the beautiful, pink-haired Holly Coral this summer, asking if I fancied doing a swapsie for one of my crochet necklaces.

Since then I've co-designed my own range of crafty pins with artist Claire Spake (she's nuts, and has since become a bit of a bestie, but that's another story), participated in various swaps with other designers, and am following more pin artists than I care to mention on social media! There's something about pins that's hooked me, and I can't see this current obsession ending any time soon!

'Crafty' enamel pins by Fickle Craftroom: crochet/kntting/yarn, scrapbooking/papercraft, Singer sewing machine, 'hello' paint tube

Maybe it's because they're essentially grown-up 'pocket money toys' - an inexpensive way to update an outfit and add a bit of individuality to your style (cheaper and less permanent than a tattoo as well!). There are cutesy pins, dark pins, feminist pins, niche pins - seriously, something for everyone!

My main issue though is how to wear them... I don't wear a denim jacket because I usually wear jeans and am not young or cool enough to pull off double denim. Although I'd love to get away with dungarees (with patch pocket perfect for sporting a pin or 7), I'm not sure my boobs would let me. I do pop them on my handbag occasionally, but have lost 2 treasured pins this way, so am now a bit nervy.

How do you wear yours please???????????

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  1. I came across this post randomly from a Google search for crafty pins. This is very old so I'm sure you know by now but the best way not to lose them is to use the deluxe clutch backs. I swapped all of mine to this. They don't come off until you hold down the bottom of them and pull up the top. It's hard to explain, but they work very well!