Friday, 18 November 2016

My DIY Fabric Banner from Create! Craft Kits

This weekend I got to enjoy something special... something that I don't get to indulge in very often... crafting time for ME! Don't get me wrong, I adore what I do, but with the length of my To-Do list rivaling my kids' Christmas lists, it has been nice to spend some time creating something just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

When I saw that blogging Craft Queens Em and Rachel had come together to produce some DIY crafting kits, I was so excited for them (ok, and myself)! And as it seemed that their secret squirrel project had coincided with the planning of my secret squirrel DIY project, maybe we could trade kits and all have a go at something a bit new...

DIY Fabric Banner from CREATE! Craft Kits

My first impression upon opening the CREATE! Craft Kit was just how deluxe and professional it was - a handwritten note, kraft gift box, tissue paper to fold back to get to all the goodies. It was so much fun to open and discover! There were instructions, twine, white thread and sparkly gold thread, buttons, felt, gorgeous patterned fabric, thick white twill for the backing, and some templates.

Confession: I don't own a sewing machine anymore, because I just get too angry with them. They hate me. They see me coming and decide to go haywire with their tension settings, just to p*ss me off. However, I didn't feel that the lack of a machine hindered me in any way - it's a small enough project that it didn't take me long to hand-sew even the edges. Also, I could have used Bondaweb or similar to stick the shapes to the banner, but I do love the look of a simple running stitch.

DIY Fabric Banner from CREATE! Craft Kits

3 things I loved about this kit:

  • The amount of thought that had gone into it - for example, the interfacing on the back of the pink fabric meant that I could feel free to cut it however I wanted, without the need to sew seams or worry about fraying. I did use pinking shears, but only because I like the zigzag effect, not because I needed to.
  • Even though there were shape templates included, I didn't feel tied down to using these designs. Indeed, the instructions encourage you to freestyle it a bit if you wanted to! I actually found the flamingo in my own stash, and ummed and ahhed a bit over whether it would be 'cheating' to use it... then I remembered that with crafting for pleasure there are no rules!
  • It was a small enough project that I could complete it within a morning (immediate gratification is important to me when crafting!!), but substantial enough that I felt really proud of my banner when it was finished. I felt I had accomplished something.
Without further ado, I bring you my finished banner! It's now hanging beside my pegboard in my Craftroom, and makes me smile whenever I look at it.

DIY Fabric Banner from CREATE! Craft Kits

Em and Rachel will be at the Independent Oxford Christmas Market next Saturday (26th Nov) - and excitingly, they will have a mini banner workshop running there, as well as having the kits on sale to buy.

For tickets to the Independent Oxford Christmas Market, click here.
Kits can be purchased from Rachel's Etsy shop
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Em also wrote a great post on her blog with more info about the kits - you can read it here.

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