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One Little Word for 2017: Revitalise*

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2016 was a fantastic and busy year, there's no denying it. But by the end, it's fair to say that I was feeling a little flat and a little... stifled? Stagnant? I wasn't trying anything new, I wasn't being particularly creative, and that started to make me lose a bit of confidence as well. I had plans, ideas, ambitions, but no time to carry them out.

Looking back, I realise that I was filling my very limited crafting time with jobs that I didn't necessarily particularly enjoy, or that didn't challenge me. I definitely need to be stricter with myself in terms of the work I accept, so that I still have time to spend on the exciting creative stuff. Saying 'no' more is the first step! (How funny that this is such a contrast to last year's 'embrace every opportunity!) The flip side of this is to make sure that they opportunities I say 'yes' to are the right ones, for me and for my business...

The second step is time management. Allocating time for social media, rather than allowing myself to be sucked into the cycle of Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin', Pinterest, and around again. Spending evenings working on relaxing projects, where I don't have to think or concentrate too hard, but where I'll still get the buzz from simply making for making's sake.

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The times where I tend to have most of my inspiration and ideas are when I'm lying down with my daughter as she falls asleep. It's a beautiful, quiet, focused time, but one where I'm unable to action my ideas straight away!! I now have several brainstorm pages on the go in my bullet journal, and this is where all of these ideas go... brood... expand, until I have a lovely big chunk of time at the weekend to just go crazy.

Last of all, as part of my website makeover**, I am cutting a lot of dead wood. De-listing items that I've not made for a while - and have lost passion for - and selling off the accompanying gadgets and gizmo's.

How do you stop, reflect, and adjust when it feels like life just never slows down? I'd love to hear how you stay inspired and creative. What tools or strategies do you use when your mojo goes awol?!

*So 'revitalise' isn't strictly-speaking a LITTLE word, but actually rather a long one. But I'm keeping it. Ok?
**The new website will be going live on the 1st February, do pop along and see what's new!

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