Friday, 10 February 2017

Valentine's Day... for men...

I've written before about my many dismal failures when it comes to buying the men in my life gifts. I always aim for thoughtful and unique, but either end up with something I'd actually like for myself, or give up on the idea, get lazy and offer up a lion bar. Or a takeaway if I'm feeling fancy.

We've never really done Valentines gifts, thankfully, but having spoken to my friends, it seems we're in the minority? I do think that going the whole romantic shebang is a bit dated and cringey, but you can never go wrong with something small, humourous and quirky.

Without further ado, here's my roundup - all of them small indie businesses based in the UK:

1. Pens by Jez. Pleasingly chunky hand-turned wooden pens, made in Yorkshire.
2. Ditz and Bobs. Louise adds fun embroidered details to your own photos.
3. Hello DODO. Bright colours, quirky puns, what's not to love?
4. Copper and Blonde. If this won't make him refill the loo roll, what will?!
5. Snowbird Artworks. A romantic piece of wall art for an outdoorsy couple!
6. Paper Pipe Dreams. Who else bought a Nokia in the 90's solely to play Snake?! Nostalgic enamel pin based on original illustration by Claire Spake.

Do you do Valentines gifts, or have any other traditions for the day of luuuurve?

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