Monday, 27 March 2017

Crafty events and a bit of market research


So in my last post, I touched on some plans I was making for running some crafty events here in Hertfordshire... It has long since been a dream of mine to shake up the traditional craft fair and get some of the fresher designer-makers showcased in cool events OUTSIDE of London. I don't know about you, but whenever I see a sign advertising a local craft fair, I get all excited inside, visualising handmade bits and pieces that I'd never seen the like of before. I imagine being totally inspired, and getting to kit out my house and wardrobe with quirky, completely original accessories, created using crazy new techniques I could only dream about...

And then I'd turn up to find the same old decoupage greetings cards, maybe a patchwork blanket or two, cross-stitch country garden scenes, knitted figurines........... I don't mean any offence to anyone reading this who may make these things, honestly I don't. But wouldn't it be brilliant to see something new? LOTS of new things! All under one roof!

There are loads of fantastic new-wave craft fairs going on in London, such as Crafty Fox, Renegade, SoLo, Bust Craftacular, and The London Artisan, as well as the regular markets such as Spitalfields, Camden and Portobello Road. But seriously. There are modern makers and daring designers ALL OVER this country, and they shouldn't have to travel all the way to the capital in order to get their goodies noticed.

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Organisations like Northern Craft (in Leeds), Handmade Nottingham, and MADE Brighton, are doing a brilliant job of showcasing the cool cats in other parts of the country, and I think that it's high time my dream became a reality here in St Albans! We have excellent transport links, being within spitting distance to the M1 and M25, and a superb rail network to boot. Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties are awash with indie creatives, and I just feel like the general population is looking for ways of supporting smaller businesses these days. Not On The High Street is now probably the first place people will look online for a slightly different gift, and Etsy is becoming more widely known in the UK now as well. But for an actual shopping experience, I would like there to be something more...

Which leads me onto the second part of my plans! Alongside the opportunity to browse and shop the coolest and most innovative handmade products outside of London, I would also like to hold some workshops. I'm imagining pre-bookable classes in unusual crafts such as giant knitting, as well as some more casual drop-in sessions. Add a drop of prosecco, or some tea and cake and I think that's my dream day out right there!

Oops, if you've got this far then well done and thank you!! This post wasn't meant to be such an emotional outpouring!

Anyway, I have put together a wee survey that I would MASSIVELY appreciate your help with. It takes on average 2 minutes to complete, and just runs through some questions about your ideal event. The link is HERE, and I will love you forever if you could do this for me! I've already started reaching out to some potential teachers and venues, so the ball is already rolling. I just need to bite the bullet and do it *gulp*

Sorry - finally - what do you think to this name / logo? My first idea was 'QUIRK', but maybe it's better to link it to Fickle Craftroom a bit (and to incorporate the word 'fair' or 'market')?

Thank you sooooooooo much xx


  1. SO many of the craft fairs here are like that - full of the same old same old. The Etsy fair at Christmas tried it's hardest but some crap still snuck through. I can't wait to see what awesome you come up with - your brain is so awesome! x

    1. Gosh that's a shame that the Etsy one was still a bit like that. Teehee thanks but nothing is going to be awesome without your input in some form or other! ;-) x

  2. Sounds exciting Liz! I like the name Fickle Fair btw! 😀💕

    1. Thanks!! I was a bit wobbly about the name, but I'm comfortable with it now. LOTS of hard work going on behind the scenes, and I'm feeling very impatient! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment X x x