Wednesday, 17 January 2018


You know that feeling when someone is combing your hair, or tickling your back, or the one just before you drift off to sleep… it’s a kind of floaty, contented, semi-conscious state where you could almost feel yourself going cross-eyed. If you were a dog you’d probably start twitching your hind leg a bit.  

Last night I realised that this is what crochet does to me. The repetitive movements to create each stitch, the tactile squishy softness of the yarn, the gradual changing of the colours…
My brain is fully absorbed in the task at hand, yet strangely free to roam. Problem-solving, imagining, planning… I am relaxed; I am zoned out, but I am busy, happy and productive.

Is this what we call mindfulness?

In today’s fast pace, pressure, and the constant distraction of social media (I must admit to having paused writing this post to scroll through Instagram at least three times!), my crochet hobby – or obsession – grounds me. It’s so important for my mental health, to not only take time out from all of life’s admin, but to reach this state of semi-conscious focus in which to let my mind wander.

I’m not one for sitting still; nor do I watch much tv. I used to devour books like chocolate, but I’m finding I have less patience or motivation for reading these days. My hands need to be busy, and this need - if unmet – can often make me incredibly anxious.

Do you remember last years craze for colouring books? I skipped over this one, but reckon the effect must have been much the same… I’m so glad that there’s a growing awareness that we need to take a step back sometimes. Creativity (without the need for perfection) is such a great outlet for the stress of living a busy life, and it’s fantastic that this message is hitting the mainstream.

Have you experienced this sort of trance within your hobby? If so, what is it?

End note: The hashtag #CraftAsTherapy was launched in 2015 by Mandy of Red Agape, and now has over 300,000 Instagram posts! 

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  1. I get trance like pinning on pinterest but I don't think that counts does it? Only time that happens for otherwise is when I'm stomping along with my music on LOUD